From the president

   “Be strong & courageous, the lord your God
will be with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9

January 18, 2020

Dear Ones,

It has been a privilege to serve you in the office of North Dakota Aglow President for 4 years. Being chosen by our heavenly Father has sustained me through the struggles of rebuilding Aglow in North Dakota. I believe the struggles are becoming a thing of the past with hearing His voice that leads us through each change of the seasons. A good example of that would be the Praise and Worship meeting we had in Bismarck. It was very powerful and filled with the “Fullness” of God’s presence. The birthing of new prophetic words, new relationships, healings and answered prayer. Those who attended expressed the goodness of the Lord on that day.

North Dakota has new “Game Changers” and “Life Changers” meetings happening all the time. In 2019, in addition to these studies. there were “Trauma Healing” sessions held in Dickinson. Praise reports of many healings resulted from them.

There is a shift in leadership for 2020. North Dakota Aglow has a new State Prayer Coordinator, Elisheba Haxby. Jackie is still working with Aglow in a new capacity as an Aglow Prayer Ambassador. The wind of the Spirit is shifting over North Dakota and your Area Team and your new State Prayer Coordinator are discerning these times and the spirits over our state. We only ask for you to joined us in prayer. Pray for your State Team and State Prayer Coordinators giving them support.

What is in store for 2020 you may be asking yourself? It is a time of discerning, praise and worship, opening of ourselves, and action on the vision that He gave us. Clearly, the Lord said to me, “You (North Dakota) need rest”. God is preparing us for what is ahead.

See Isaiah 6:1-8; The prophet sees the divine presence seated on the mercy seat. This divine glory filled the whole temple. All the vain glory, selfish ambitions, ignorance, and pride was done away by just one look at Christ in His glory.

This deep insight looked overwhelming to the prophet giving him a sense of his own vileness, but with one touch of the coal to his lips a new sense of pardon and acceptance through Christ revealed itself. Nothing is more powerful to our souls then the filling of our whole temple through divine Glory.

We are calling down this divine glory in Dickinson, ND in 2020 through “Praise & Worship.” We are getting positioned to fill the whole temple with His smoke of Glory. Worship brings an upward look with a glance of His glory in the throne room.

Watch the business of going and doing by the steps of striving. It is not in what we are doing, but in our “resting” in our quietness that brings trust. God is giving our souls an upgrade in 2020.

Please consider supporting us financially and prayerfully so the team could work proficiently for the glory of our Lord.

Renae Stroh, President

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