From the president

   “Be strong & courageous, the lord your God
will be with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9

August 25, 2019

Greetings to All,

In November 2018, I started to seek the Lord’s desire for ND Aglow.  Psalm 117 kept coming up!  Go ahead and praise Him!  For He has conquered us with His great love and His kindness has melted our hearts.  His faithfulness last for ever and He will never fail you.  So, go ahead, let it out Praise the Lord.

Psalm 95:6: Come! Let us worship and bow down; let us kneel in the presence of the Lord who made us.

I believe in my spirit that He was saying Worship Me, Praise Me. In January at the Summit in Rapid City, SD, I visited with Leroy and Teresa Deines, the praise and worship coordinators.   A confirmation was set in my spirit.  This is God’s desire for ND Aglow.  A second confirmation came in June at the Regional Rally as I visited with Leroy and Teresa to set the date.  It became apparent to me God prompting worship. I had to ask him, “Lord, what does that look like to you. “

Praise is a joyful recounting of all God has done for us.

Psalm 18:3: Since God has done many wonderful deeds, He is worthy of Praise.

Worship come from a different place within your spirit.  Worship should be reserved for God alone – Luke 4:8. Worship is the art of losing self in the adoration. Praise comes easy, but worship is birth from the heart.  It is who you are.  The willingness to humble yourself before the God, surrendering every part of your life to His control.  You adore Him for who He is, not what He has done.  Worship is a lifestyle.

Jesus said in John 4:23 “The Father is seeking those who will worship Him in Spirit and Truth.”  Clearly worship is an attitude of the heart. Many can go through outward motions, yet not reach deep inside of themselves opening the door of their spirit.  Only then the Spirit of Truth is given access and freedom to express worship in unity with their spirit.  (See Psalm 51:16-17; Matt. 6:5-6)

God sees the heart; He desires and deserves sincere heart felt praise and worship.  Aglow North Dakota Area Team has set a day aside for Praise and Worship of this intensity, September 2, 2019 in Bismarck, ND at the Comfort Suites from 10 am to 4 pm. I am asking for each city, each Lighthouse to set aside one day, one hour, one week of one month to Praise and Worship our Lord and King.

Come and Join me in Bismarck.  If anyone is interested in hosting a day of Praise and Worship, contact me at   There are CD’s available of the inspiring Regional Rally.   We have an increase in the Game Changers and Life Changer meetings.  Trauma Healing (Aglow Transformations) produced four new facilitators and still available.  Email me with questions and interest.

May this letter find you immersed in His Peace, His Love and His Joy!

Renae Stroh – Aglow ND Area President

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