Aglow North Dakota

Training And Mobilizing People


Are you protecting your family, in the spirit?  Your child has gone astray;  your husband is not fully with you; he is preoccupied with other things and is drawing away from you.  This list could go on. However, as a Christian (a believer in Christ, who paid for your freedom with His Blood), then you have been given authority.  Ephesians 6 says “We wrestle not against flesh & blood but principalities & rulers of darkness.”  So when are you going to “wrestle”?

You might chastise your wayward child and drive him/her further away or argue and fight with your husband about his lack of faithfulness toward you.  This is fighting against flesh and blood.  Take your authority and tell the devil, who is the deceiver of the brethren, to get his hands off of your family.  Cancel any assignments the devil has against your loved ones with the Blood of Jesus and God’s word.  Remember Jesus made show of the devil, He triumphed over Him. You decree and declare before the Throne of God that you and your family are victors, not victims, because of the shed Blood of Jesus Christ.  Declare the Word and your love for God and your family.  Remind the devil of who you are in Christ and who He is in you.

Tear down the strongholds of the adversary.  Cover your loved ones with the precious Blood of Jesus and remind the devil that nothing can separate you from God’s love according to the Book of Romans. – Diana B., ND Aglow Advisor

Aglow North Dakota

North Dakota Aglow President Renae Stroh with Great Plains/Rocky Mountain Regional Director Sande Lofberg


Aglow North Dakota has lighthouses in Bismarck, Dickinson, Fargo, Harvey, Hazen, Hettinger, and Valley City.