By Jackie Bauerle, State Prayer Coordinator

     The room was filled with HIS presence at the “Trauma Healing” Seminar presented by Pat Kempf from Billings, Montana.  I watched the women attending as the sessions transformed throughout the weekend.  Each of you enlarged your hearts for one another creating an atmosphere of a common bond.  This common bond grew to unity.  I cannot thank the Lord enough for each one of you!

    At the root of this unity was the conversations around the small tables where you shared your thoughts and experiences.  Bless God, I was blessed because I could converse with more of you wonderful women of North Dakota and the State Prayer Coordinators in our region.   The room was filled with your voices sharing your pain, laughter and testimonies from your hearts in a safe zone.  I want to thank you for keeping it a safe zoneWe grew from the one on one fellowship this weekend and you made that possible!

     The closing of my weekend experience ended at my destination of home.  Out of common curiosity my family asked, “How was the meetings?”   My answer beamed on my face as I said, “Good, it was wonderful” followed by me highlighting some of the awesome material that Pat taught.  Of course, I had to share about all of you wonderful Ladies.  Oh, Oh, Then I described all my new personal friends who embraced me back as a friend.

     As I shared my adventure, I watched my family’s eyes brighten, faces smile and hearts become lighter, they were glad I had a good time.   It came to me; the atmosphere of my home was changing by sharing my experience.  I want the atmosphere of your homes to change too

     As your State Prayer Coordinator, I will be lifting all of you, who attended the seminar, up in prayerI do not take this assignment lightly.  Did you know that God told me in a dream that we are in season called “Be Blessed”?  I am excited for this season to unwrap itself for you and me.  Call me anytime for any reason.  God’s got plans for us to meet again so until we meet again, “Be Blessed!”